When someone says something nasty to you, you probably have a lot of strong emotions, all at once–and none of them pleasant.  What would your life be like if you could calmly say to yourself, “Gee, air just passed over someone’s vocal cords.”

You could, if you Contained your feelings as the sound waves registered in your brain and you could therefore consciously choose what importance and urgency you were WILLING to give those words—and respond accordingly.

In short, upsets are available every day.

What would your life be like if most of the time, you could actually choose which upsets you are willing to give importance? And then deal effectively with the ones you choose to deal with? This example may seem rather bland.  But what if you allow “upsets” to include everything and anything that is especially challenging and important to you? Then using this methodology could change your life in powerful and positive ways.

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