I have more to say on this elsewhere, (Linkedin, “About the Coach“), and will have a lot more to say in the future.  For now, I’ll spare you and limit this to an overview of the scope and vision of my dauntingly ambitious (“pragmatically grandiose”?) goals.


Currently Active

  1. Training
    1. Individual and group sessions for Life Effectiveness Coaching.
    2. An ongoing series of regularly posted blogs entitled “Walking the Talk”. The hope is that comments on these posts will generate a wider dialogue and encourage registration for a free membership in the Editorial Panel of the evolving manual for living.  Dr. Dane will be the Chief Editor of this manual.
  2. Blog:  “Walking the Talk”
    • Anyone is currently free to comment in on blog posts up to 8 times.  Beyond that, free registration as an Editorial Panel member will be required in order to post comments.

Currently Under Construction

  • Lexicon of “Useful Notions” to help explain various important concepts in the methodology
  • A protected and monitored way to communicate with others who are using the methodology in their daily lives. This will begin as a Forum, with plans for a scheduled live chat room.
  • Webinars, teaching videos, podcasts, and publications
  • Resources Page
    • Links to recommended and member Suggested Resources that supplement and support the Website’s goals
  • Affiliate Marketing Page
    1. Products and Programs that I have personally found to be of high quality and recommend that readers consider for their own use, with full disclosure that I benefit financially if they ultimately choose to purchase or engage in any of them.

Near Future

  1. Develop an international virtual community of real people supporting each other in learning and applying this methodology
  2. House the gradual evolution of a Wikipedia-style manual for living to be entitled “How Life Works (or at least it can)”©

Long term

  1. Development of an app for “24/7 on-call consultation” about using the methodology in any given situation
  2. Development of the “International Services for Emotional and Interpersonal Safety and Effectiveness” (ISEIS)–An international consortium of like-minded individuals trained and vetted in the capacity to live as a Real Adult who make themselves available for consultation, training, and partnering in efforts to make Real Adults available worldwide.”
  3. Boot Camp Training for membership in the ISEIS SWAT team

Please come join us!