Coaching for yourself–B

*NOTE: I say “may” because there is conflicting information about whether and how coaching addresses emotionally based obstacles to success. This is especially true of emotionally charged memories from childhood.

For example, the director of a prominent national Life Coaching organization told me categorically that even former psychologists or professional counselors who become coaches “simply do not deal with issues or memories from childhood.  They always refer someone to therapy for this. And if they do not, they are not doing coaching.”

Yet one can find multiple ads on the internet for training in how to coach adults dealing with the effects of childhood abuse. This is accompanied by multiple offers from individuals who offer such coaching. In addition, Harvard School of Medicine currently recommends coaching as a preferred form of helping children who have experienced “Adverse Childhood Experiences” [LINK]

Traditionally, dealing with the residue of childhood abuse has been viewed as a “treatment” requiring licensed professional expertise. But there is no such state governed licensing for coaches. There is only “certification” in coaching by individuals or institutions that designate themselves as competent to offer certification.

It is not clear to me whether all coaches who work with adult victims of childhood abuse are also professionally licensed as a therapist.  In any case, it is an issue to keep in mind as you search for a service that matches your own specific needs [LINK]