The goal of coaching is to make the methodology “your own” so that you use it more and more spontaneously. An especially powerful coaching method is to be coached while your emotions are interfering with using the methodology.

So the fee for each hour of coaching includes up to three 10 minute phone calls  And you’re encouraged to call between sessions if you find yourself in such a situation and I’m available to respond.  There is a time-based fee if the call goes over 10 minutes. But I have found that just 10 minutes is almost always enough.

The goal is to quickly frame your situation within the methodolgy and what Real Thinking might suggest. This might mean focusing only on steps to regain access to Real Thinking due to the level of emotionality involved. Or it might mean focusing first on your establishing the Emotional Clarity needed to regain access to Real Thinking.

I have found that whatever we do, it most frequently helps clients step off of the emotional treadmill and take another path.  And if your emotions aren’t a problem at the time, so much the better.  Then we can discuss your questions in terms of what the methodology would suggest. And if nothing seems to help at the time, the methodology has a way of handling even that effectively.

To summarize, these calls all accomplish several things:

  1. Bring the power of the relationship in face to face coaching into your daily world.
  2. Interrupt the momentum of just feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unsuccessful.
  3. Help clarify things if possible, and at least clarify alternative ways of proceeding.
  4. Give supported practice in the art of interrupting what’s not working and consciously choosing something different.

Given the goals I have identified, these calls may seem “just too brief” to succeed.  Precisely. It only seems (“feels?”) that way. Learning how little it can take to effectively turn oneself or the situation around vastly increases confidence in the methodology. And most importantly, it increases confidence in both the methodology and your use of it in the real world