I am choosing to publicly address this issue because were it to come up in any way in the future and I had not addressed it, it would likely appear that I had purposely concealed or at least “avoided reference” to it.  I am not willing for that to be the case, were it to happen or not.

My personal ethic demands that I proactively offer appropriate full disclosure in the context of both my previous career as a licensed Clinical Psychologist and of my current career as a Life and Relationship Coach.   My choice to do this is not simply a matter of “CYA”.  It is a matter of commitment to absolute transparency about any issue concerning my personal integrity.

I have enjoyed over 30 years of what I consider a very successful career as a licensed Clinical Psychologist.  And I like to believe that I was held with considerable respect in the community as a very skilled and effective senior therapist.  In June of this year, following a one and one-half year investigation of the only formal complaint every lodged about me that I know of over my entire career, the Virginia Board of Psychology reached a decision to suspend my license for at least a two-year period, following which I may apply for reinstatement of my license if I choose.

Briefly, the basis for the Board’s action was the result of a very conscious choice I made in November of 2011.  Under virtually life and death circumstances for myself, my wife and my then 92-year-old mother who lived with us, I knowingly chose to risk the loss of my license by breaching a core Ethical principle known as “Dual Relationships”.  There were no legal charges, and no fines or financial consequences levied.  And if I am ever faced with this choice again in comparable circumstances, I will make the same choice.

I am aware that some readers of this are likely to dismiss as foolish any consideration of dealing with me further.  I can understand that reaction and certainly would not blame them for it.  My hope is that there will also be readers who, on understanding more of the details about what occurred, at least from my perspective, might put even more weight on my potential usefulness as a Life Coach.

Because I have had to deal with Life in very real and very precarious circumstances.  And I like to think that I have dealt with it admirably well, and am perhaps a living demonstration of what I dare claim to be possible through my coaching.

Before dismissing the possibility that I might be of considerable benefit to you, I hope you will accept my offer to discuss and fully address any questions or reservations you might have if it might help in making your final decision.

I am completely available, and I appreciate your understanding.

Joseph Dane, PhD