If you have further questions before making any decisions, or if you know you would like to request coaching, or if you are simply curious for more information, I would be happy to respond, preferably by video call or phone.  If you prefer, you can submit your questions by email.

In either case, please fill out a Contact Request form.  I will attempt to get back to you at least within the same day.  If appropriate, please schedule at least a ½ hour time slot time for us to talk by clicking HERE.

Welcome Pack

  1. Forms for:
    • Basic contact and personal information,
    • A brief description of what you want to accomplish in our coaching.
  2. “Rating scale” questions and check off lists:
    • Descriptive words and phrases that you would say apply to you,
    • Asking you to supply some of your own.

If for any reason I believe more initial information would be useful, I will indicate that before our first contact.  Also, depending on our initial contact, the Welcome pack may also include supplementary materials for your review to help us get started more efficiently.

Initial Sessions

Our first one to three sessions will focus on:

  • Our getting to know each other
  • My fully understanding:
    • Your goals and needs
    • Type of assistance your are requesting
    • Types of learning approach best suited from your own experience

We will also review specific tools or supplementary materials that could help us better focus on how to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

I look forward to our being in touch!

Joseph Dane, PHD