Money Back Guarantee

Currently, the minimum coaching contract I offer is for 3 months at a rate of 4 one-hour sessions per month.  The fee is $100 per hour, for a total of $1,200.  Until February 28, 2017, I am offering the following guarantee:

If at the end of the 3-month contract you are not completely satisfied with your experience, I will refund the last two months’ fees.  The same guarantee holds until 3/31/18for any coaching contract of 3 months or greater.  This also applies to contracts for group coaching.

Individual Coaching

$100 per hour

$25 per 15 minute increment

Group Coaching, (minimum 3, max 6 people)

$225 for 1 ½ hours

Unscheduled supplementary sessions

I also provide supplemental unscheduled contact at rate of $25 per 15 minute increment.  After the first fifteen minutes, anything beyond 6 minutes will be charged as a full 15-minute increment.  The same will apply to each potential subsequent 15-minute increment of time.


Common types of Coaching offered here:

Becoming and remaining a Real Adult instead of a Pseudo-Adult

Living Effectively–The “7 Step Methodology”

Taking on that (feels like) impossible task/project/goal/dream

Determining, establishing and sustaining focus on effective action over time

Learning to Manage Your Emotions (Not “Control”, Fight, Master, Make Disappear, Bury, Ignore them’)

Learning to hear and respond to the what others actually say to you—not just have knee-jerk emotional reactions.

Learning to recognize and intervene on your “hidden” knee-jerk emotional reactions

Learning to Contain Emotions and Do Real Thinking

Learning and maintaining Boundaries and Limits—with self and with others

How to effectively intervene on emotional overwhelm

Recovering from significant loss


Changing the pattern of men you choose–for the better

How to know if your new Heart Throb is long term trustworthy

Recovering from sexual infidelity in relationship


Real Partnering vs “Making Each Other Whole”

Are the problems in your marriage really just about “how we communicate“?

Dealing with a narcissistic spouse

Signs that they are or not

How to test whether it’s worth “trying to help them change”


What’s the difference between negotiation and feeding a argument with your child?

How do you comfort your child when there’s nothing you can do to make it better?