Remember that Armageddon is an archetype.

It hasn’t really happened yet

No matter how you feel.


Monitor whether you are thankful to be alive.

Be thankful for those who have survived with you.

Love and take care of them, and of yourself, with all due compassion.


Decide when it is safe enough to come out of the bomb shelter for a while, if at all.

Check your exposure meter.

Look around as you can, being careful where you step.

Greet strangers with cautious welcome, for radiation sickness can do strange things to people.


Grieve deeply and wisely.

Contain what you feel as best you can

Moment by moment well enough to do real thinking.

Be willing to trust your own judgment, especially when it’s all you have.


As best you can,  act in accord with real thinking.

Let the chips fall where they may.

And if you are still alive and can, deal with them

As you did with what got them there in the first place.


Strive to be happy.