>The Benefit Of Boundaries

From Client A  10-01-2016

“I believe I have figured out why I acted like I did last night and at other times as well. I honestly can’t get enough of your feel good attention.  I have never have experienced such loving, nutruing and genuine feelings with clear firm boundaries. It makes me feel like I’m actually important and that I actually do matter and that I’m worthy of someone else time without any expectations in return. You make me feel happy, confident and that there’s more to life than just existing, it worth living. So, when you put a time limit on our conversation I acted out as a child does in a negative way. Negative attention is better than no attention. (In a child’s way of thinking that is ) so I selfishly continued with the abruptness in order to keep your attention, knowing you wouldn’t end the conversation without pointing out my behavior and how I was not using real thinking what so ever. It sounds so twisted and ludicrous. This is all uncharted territory for me and my hope is to learn from all my mistakes and move forward to be a better person without doing to much damage to our relationship in the meantime.” ❤