You have said more than 3 times in the last 6 months:

  • “I’m so upset I just can’t think!”
  • “I wish I could ‘just grow up!’”
  • “I know I shouldn’t be saying/doing these things, but I just can’t stop myself!”

Interactions with others

  • “All I want is for people to understand me and what I’m trying to do–and they just won’t!”
  • OMG, why did I say THAT?!”
  • “ What the hell is wrong with people!”
  • “Doesn’t anybody around here know what they are doing?!”

Difficult circumstances and situations

  • You are faced with a real-world  scenario that you can’t stop worrying about it ALL the time.
  • You have had a significant loss and feel “stuck” in grieving over it (“I just can’t seem to get over it and move on!”)
  • You are so frightened by a potential negative outcome that you become paralyzed or just retreat from taking action


  • “Honest” (or too many) discussions with your sweetie end up in an argument (or worse) more often than you want.
  • A particular colleague/supervisor/boss “drives me nuts!”
  • You are dreading that upcoming visit with your or your partner’s family
  • You want to change the pattern of men/women you choose–for the better
  • You want to know how to tell if your new Heart Throb is long-term trustworthy
  • Real Partnering vs “Making Each Other Whole” (which tends to end up badly)
  • Are the problems in your marriage really just about  “how we communicate”?
  • Dealing with a Narcissistic partner
    • Signs that they are
    • How to test whether it’s worth “helping him change


  • You procrastinate to the point of sabotaging yourself or limiting potential options for success and advancement.
  • You have great ideas, and balk at following through for all sorts of reasons
  • You have a negative reputation with your co-workers as “defensive”, “argues too much”, “not a team player”, “is too opinionated”, (add your own favorite(s))
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