The biggest problem in handling difficulties in living is not understanding what the real problem is.

As the once famous cartoon character Pogo put it, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!” (REF) If you have lived long enough, you probably already know some version of this truth from your own experience.  You might recognize things like:

  • “I know I should…but just can’t get myself do it”.
  • “My gosh, after all that therapy and all those incredible insights, I still can’t…
  • (fill in your favorite examples)

In short, we often do have a basic understanding of the real problem: It’s not just the circumstances.  It’s (mostly) us getting in our own way without knowing it.

WHAT’S BEEN LACKING is knowing how to make practical use of this understanding. That’s why we keep asking, “So where’s the “how to” manual about Life?”

This website dares claim to be an excellent start

on just such a manual.