This manual came about out of personal necessity over more than 30 years as a Clinical Psychologist, in both a university teaching hospital and private practice (For CV, Click Here).  (continue reading link)

Over the past 20 years, I ran into an unending series of catastrophic circumstances in my personal life.  These demanded that I either find a way to keep going or be crushed by the circumstances.  I was only able to keep going by developing concepts and strategies that formed the beginning of the manual.

These concepts and strategies are not “new” in that they are all reflections of existing theory and practice. And some of the information will be new to readers not already familiar with George Cohen’s “Emotional Intelligence–Why It May Be More Important Than IQ.   What is new is how these are combined into a no-nonsense “methodology” for healthy functioning and effective action in the real world.

I gradually shared with my patients what I was learning, and we talked about how they could apply this in their own situations.  In this process, they demanded a clarity, specificity, and precision in expressing my ideas that I could not have achieved on my own.

Clinical results for these patients were remarkable.  Perhaps the best testimony of this can be found in reviews by previous clients (avg of 5 stars for 11 reviews).

The ultimate result of this process is what I now offer here: a very specific, effective and highly teachable methodology for living effectively regardless of feelings and circumstances